What Are the Roles of an NDIS Plan Manager?

A disability support service is also known as an NDI. The service that an NDIS plan manager offers is known as improving life choices, CB Choice and National Disability Insurance. This particular service provides individuals who have disabilities with different types of assistance to live normal lives like every other person. The most important role of these services is to provide all types of communication aids to the individuals who need them. These individuals may require aids such as Braille boards, sign language, artificial limbs, digital assistance, vision and hearing aids, mobility aids and other technical assistance.

There are two types of services provided by these disability services. First, there is the direct payment system where the provider collects the fees of the individuals for their use in the programs. The second is the indirect system in which the provider sends the payments to the participant after obtaining the data of the actual expenditure incurred by the individual. The data collection is done from the application forms of the clients. Once the application is received, the NDIS plan manager would then send the invoices to the clients based on the data obtained from the application forms.

An NDIS plan manager plays a gatekeeper between the client’s insurance company and the service providers. He ensures that the fee payment is made directly to the participant once he has submitted the application form. However, even after the application has been received, the service providers still have to verify the data that has been submitted. Only after this is done, the funds will be released directly to the individual. This process is known as the verification process.

Some disability plan managers are paid on a performance-based scale, while others are paid on a performance-based salary. In addition, some plan managers are paid on a fee basis, while some are paid on a specific percentage of the overall value of the transactions. Finally, some plan managers are paid on a performance-based salary only. Others have flexible remuneration.

The scope of responsibilities of the NDIS plan manager includes many tasks. For instance, these managers would be responsible for developing the templates used in the application forms. They are also responsible for the maintenance of the database of clients who have applied for the scheme. In addition, they need to update the records with new information submitted in the applications and follow the rules and regulations laid down by the government. If there are any changes made in the regulations, the managers need to inform their clients first.

While the main roles of the NDSP plan management providers are to monitor the transactions between the customers and the service providers, they also perform checks on the eligibility of the participants. Eligibility criteria involve checking the financial status, employment history, age and health of every participant. These checks are often performed each month or at designated intervals. If the eligibility is not met, the participant is either disqualified from the program or is required to take a re-evaluation before being considered for a contract with the federal government.