Key Features of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is the specialised treatment of diseases, injury and illness through manual methods like massage, exercise, manipulation and others over surgery and medication. Physiotherapy includes assessment, prevention and management of conditions in various parts of the body through manual techniques. A physio Westlakes has to be a qualified person, who has undergone training in human biology, medical and sports science and is also trained in orthopedics. Usually, a PhD is not required, but a certification in physiotherapy practice is compulsory before starting preparation in some countries. Other than this, a degree in physiology or anatomy is also necessary from a university with a good passing score. With the advent of computerised technology and increasing specialisation in various fields, now a physiotherapist can virtually perform all the doctor’s works without seeing a patient.

There are many benefits of physiotherapy. It helps prevent injuries by avoiding the development of stress fractures, reduces the chances of permanent damage to joints, minimises disability resulting from disfigurement and allows for full mobility even in conditions of immobilization. Physiotherapy helps the patient access to pain relief and normalise and control muscular and skeletal functions after an injury.

physio-westlakesGenerally, physiotherapists work with multiple areas of expertise. They treat patients who have suffered pain resulting from traumatic incidents, sports accidents, strains, sprains, injuries from work and burns, spinal cord injuries, nerve injuries, and musculoskeletal system diseases. Some of the common ailments treated by physiotherapists include neck and back pain, headaches, joint pain, stress headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, menstrual disorders, childbirth injuries, facet joint contractures, tennis elbow, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, Paget’s disease, frozen shoulder and many more. A physiotherapist treats different types of injuries through various techniques and employs therapy and stretching exercises to treat the patient.

The key features of physiotherapy include treating the injury without any shock or immobilization and introducing pain-relieving and soft tissue rehabilitation techniques. Physiotherapy is designed to minimise the risks and complications of injury and rebuild the injured body parts’ function. A good physiotherapist uses various exercises to rehabilitate the injured patient and restore normal physical functioning of the body. Most commonly used techniques of physio Westlakes are massage, electrotherapy, manual traction, laser therapy, hot packs and cold compresses, exercises and manual resistance training. However, a comprehensive physical examination should be done to evaluate the severity of the injury and to determine the cause of the damage.

A combination of manual therapy, stretching exercises and physical therapy and the use of medications are generally used to treat most injuries. For soft tissue injuries, manual therapy is used to stimulate the muscles and promote the healing process. Physical therapy is employed for sports injuries to improve motor function and movement of the injured body part. For severe injuries, physiotherapy can also include surgery if required.

Physiotherapy is an essential treatment for people suffering from serious sports injuries and other injuries affecting the body’s musculoskeletal system. Though it may seem to be painful, physio Westlakes is necessary for recovery and rehabilitation of a person. As physiotherapy aims at correcting the damages caused by an injury, it does not provide instant results. However, physiotherapy enhances the patient’s overall healing process and helps him live a healthy and normal life. Physiotherapy offers a long-lasting benefit to the patients for avoiding future injuries and preventing recurrence of such conditions.