Buying a Circular Saw Blade: The Things to Factor In

The choice of a circular saw blade dramatically affects the quality of the cutting result. Hence the selection of a right circular saw blade is significant. The choice of the saw blade also depends upon several other criteria, like whether for occasional or regular usage, the kind of job to be carried out and even the project’s size. But generally, the blade is selected to match the user’s requirements, and this is where the following tips in buying a circular saw blade come in handy. Let’s discuss some of them below.

AdelaideTools circular saw bladesFirstly, it is crucial to know the teeth count (the number of teeth per inch) of AdelaideTools circular saw blades. The higher the teeth count, the better the cutting performance. The tooth count determines the overall cutting performance and quality. The number of teeth per inch determines how much wood can be shaved off quickly and effortlessly. If the number of teeth is less than eight, the quality will be low, as a result, will be uneven or even ripped wood.

The various types of saws all employ different sets of teeth per inch, but circular saw blades are unique among all such saws in their use of different teeth per inch. It may sound unclear, but it is easy to understand once a basic understanding is reached. Mitre saws are primarily used to cut board surfaces. At the same time, woodturners use mitre saws to cut hollow wood pieces, as do other professionals such as carpenters who need to create complex mitre pieces for intricate projects.

Apart from being used to cut different materials, these blades are also used to cut metal and metals like steel, aluminium and copper. It is crucial to understand that not all circular blades cut metals the same way. Each metal has a unique molecular structure, and as such, each type of blade will cut it in a slightly different way. Copper blades, for instance, can effectively cut copper, brass, aluminium and nickel.

The material, colour and hardness of any material can determine the best circular saw blades. The best choice will also depend on the application needed. Steel is typically the best choice for general purposes. However, it is essential to note that steel is a natural substance, which means that it can react with other elements, especially those that come into contact with it, and in turn, the blades can be compromised. Examples include rusting, galvanic corrosion, and even microscopic holes which may appear in the steel due to stress.

The teeth are another essential factor that can affect the overall quality of AdelaideTools circular saw blades. The roundness of the teeth will depend on the level of accuracy needed with the blade. The sharper the teeth are, the better the cuts will be; however, this is not always the case. To compensate for the lack of sharp teeth, manufacturers will make less visible teeth or less rounded to achieve a high value for their product. Some blades have been known to have teeth up to 40 per cent more pronounced than others.

The tooth angle is another essential feature of cutting metal with circular saw blades. It’s widely agreed that an angle of about forty-five degrees is the best angle for cutting most materials; In comparison, angles of thirty degrees or less can be used in specific applications. It is important because it allows for the cutting tool’s more effortless movement and reduces wear and tear to the machine. When the tooth angle is too shallow, the material will catch on the blade and result in low cutting.

One other great pick of factors that consumers look for is whether they offer a lifetime warranty. The fact of the matter is, not all companies provide a one-year-long warranty. Some do offer limited warranties that are only good for a specific number of uses. If a consumer decides to purchase a product that doesn’t offer a lifetime warranty, another great pick of points to consider is whether or not the saw blades are made from stainless steel. While some companies will still use brass, the advantage of stainless steel blades is that they’re much more comfortable to clean and wear-resistant; another plus is the fact that they are available in a wide variety of colours.