All About Denim Skirts

A denim skirt, sometimes called a ‘denim skirt’ or ‘jean skirt’, is typically a short skirt made with denim, almost the same material as denim blue jeans. Denim skirts also come in various styles and colours to suit many different demographics and social occasions. They are one of the more popular denim wear options because they are reasonably priced, easy to care for, comfortable, and styled to look fashionable. For young women, denim skirts provide an inexpensive way to accessorize a fashionably casual wardrobe. For women over 25, it is considered appropriate to maintain a semi-formal denim skirt during evening wear and other more formal occasions.

Ena PellyDenim is known for being long-wearing and durable, but not all styles wear well for extended wear. A good choice for long term wear is dark denim like black, dark blue, charcoal, or midnight blue. These colours will not fade or become threadbare through the years like some other denim fabrics. For lighter colours, try lighter weight fabrics like cotton, spandex or chiffon. For pants to be worn with a blazer, a jean skirt with belt loops is an excellent choice.

Denim skirt styles from Ena Pelly range from basic straight leg styles to wide hemmed styles. These styles include: the boot cut, box cut, flared leg, high waisted and boot cut. Straight-leg denim skirts are available in both slimming and bulky cuts. These styles are usually embellished with eyelet embroidery, zippers, pleats, front fly and belt loops.

Boot cut and box cut denim skirts are both available in wide, straight-legged styles. The boot cut has a low, straight waist and has no puff at the top, and the cut has no front fly and does not have belt loops. The box cut has a more extended, tapered waist and is almost straight with a slightly wavy front fly and a straight skirt. Both styles are available in solid primary colours such as black, grey, blue, grey, white, pink, red, purple and cream.

The first introduced denim skirt was called the pencil skirt or pencil blouse and was designed by American fashion designer Leila Costa in 1971. The pencil skirt was designed with one flare point on the skirt and two flare points on the top of the skirt. It gave the skirt its name because it was pencil cut. The first introduced pencil skirt did not have any style statements, so they were known as the pencil skirt. Costa introduced this style in Barcelona, Spain, and it became prevalent, especially in Barcelona gay scenes worn by women who felt comfortable showing off their skin.

The second popular denim skirt was called the patchwork skirt, also called the crochet skirt, because it featured crochet edging. It was introduced in 2000 and became very popular among the Celts, who used it during the Celtic fusion period. This denim skirt was a significant part of the 2000s fashion as many Celts and Irish people wore this style. The crochet edging is made using very tiny stitches, which are sewn onto the edges of the jeans. The sewn-on edging style was trendy, and it was one of the main styles that showed the influence of the Celtic style.