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Workout 4 Life

Boot Camp @ Beechworth FitnessWe all exercise for a variety of reasons and typically everyone has their own personal goals they would like to achieve. Overwhelmingly we train so that we can do all the things we want to enjoy in our everyday life. It could be getting into that outfit you always wanted to wear, participating in outdoor activities or pursuits, spending active time with the family, or enjoying the lifestyle our fantastic region has to offer.

The W4L program aims to encourage progress towards those goals by providing expert guidance in the three fundamentals of all successful workout regimes;

Training | Nutrition | Recovery

Boot Camp at Beechworth Squash & FitnessBecause everyone has individual training needs and goals, Workout 4 Life is a personalised approached to group fitness training. As a starting point all program participants meet with one of our personal trainers for an initial consultation to set goals, establish baseline measurements dependant on goals, and work on an holistic exercise strategy.

During each one on one session with the trainer your progress will be tracked and reviewed with your outcomes continually aligned with your personal goals. You can choose for this session to be 15, 30 or 45 minutes in duration and it can include some personal training, progress measurements, allocation of training routines (including Workout Connect) or reviews of healthy eating goals.

Participants will also attend at least two of the scheduled group training sessions per week. All of these sessions are aimed at whole body functional training and maximising exercise efficiency. Depending on demand, some of these sessions may be classified as advanced which require successful completion of a fitness test prior to clearance to attend.

W4L participants will be asked to nominate the sessions that they will be attending regularly with an option to attend other sessions should circumstances require and fitness levels permit. Group training sessions will be functionally based fitness such as Thump Boxing, Tabata, Circuit, Boot Camp training, outdoor sessions, H.I.I.T. Battle ropes, suspension training, kettlebells and many other innovative training techniques.

The initial consultation and registration for the program are included with packages to suit everyone's training goals. Contact our reception today to book in for your first session prior to the commencement of the next program and we can set you on the path to achieving your fitness goals.

Programs run for between 8 - 12 weeks and are generally aligned to school terms.

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